The Big Bluff Preview

We go all-in with our preview of the poker/trivia hybrid The Big Bluff.

Think you know trivia? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is in himojo’s upcoming Facebook trivia game The Big Bluff. Mixing elements of trivia and Texas hold’em, The Big Bluff will combine random knowledge with high stakes gambling when the full release debuts on Facebook later this year.

Offering a real time multiplayer experience similar to conventional poker games on Facebook, players in The Big Bluff will bet in-game virtual currency as clues about the trivia question are uncovered. Like Texas Hold’em, the dealer will start the game with three cards in the community hand. The first will display the category, and the next two will display hints about the answer. Players will then take turns betting as the remaining two cards are dealt. Card #4 will feature another hint, while card #5 will finally unveil the question. Players will be able to fold at any time, or bluff in an attempt to force their opponents to fold, just like in real poker. The player who gets the answer right wins the pot.

The Big Bluff

“We’ve spent months experimenting with ways to combine the best aspects of trivia and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker,” said Eric Arlt, Chief Executive Officer, himojo. “The game offers an online trivia experience through Facebook unlike anything else out there. Poker and Trivia are two huge activities that are beloved around the world and we look forward to everyone experiencing this new hybrid of the two games in a competitive, free-to-play and social environment.”

While mixing poker and trivia makes up the core of the game, a number of other features will be included to spice up the offering. Players will be able to spend their virtual winnings on customization options like clothing and exclusive items for their in-game avatar. An in-game chat system will allow players to communicate in real time. Global leaderboards will be offered for top players who can’t wait to see their name in lights.

The Big Bluff

Can’t wait to check out this exciting new poker/trivia hybrid? The Big Bluff has just launched into open beta. To get your own hands-on sneak peak at this upcoming game, visit

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