Texas Poker for Prizes Preview

Play poker for real prizes with Texas Poker for Prizes on iOS

In the mood for some poker, son? Naw, put away those little plastic chips and those bags of cookies—we’re talkin’ real poker. Poker for steers. Poker that rewards your skill with real, tangible prizes instead of the usual pats on the back. We’re talkin’ Gameloft’s Texas Poker for Prizes.

Texas Poker for Prizes is a free-to-play iOS poker game that lets you shoot for rewards like tablets, LCD TVs, tablets, and trips to Las Vegas where you can try your hand at the real deal just in time for your luck to run drier than a desert well. If you’re a little bored with playing online poker for virtual matchsticks, playing for actual prizes might sweeten the deal just a bit.

Texas Poker for Prizes

But beware: you’re not the only hombre who’s on the prowl for a new TV. Texas Poker for Prizes lets you shuffle cards with up to 32 other players across four live tables. You can connect to the in-game community via Facebook or Gameloft Live in order to compete in sprawling tournaments. Man, what’s a hustler gotta do to score a free iPad these days? If you need a break from the social thing, there are single player options as well.

You can also play Texas Poker for Prizes on your television if you have Apple TV. Simply control the in-game action with your iDevice and save yourself the pain of squinting at a tiny screen.

Texas Poker for Prizes

Texas Poker for Prizes is coming soon to iOS. Remember: you need to know when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em, and when to walk away with that sweet TV. 

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