Tap The Frog Preview

Tap The Frog hopping onto the App Store April 21st

Bad news for people who don’t like frogs: the amphibians are going to be swarming all over the App Store in a couple of weeks. Not only that, but they’re coming via what looks like a pretty adorable game, Tap the Frog.

Tap the Frog is a self-described “small but awesome speed test game” that features a slew of mini-games. Each of the games requires players to, appropriately, tap the frog on the screen. It’s actually based on a web game called Click The Frog, so if you’ve ever played that, you’ll feel right at home.

Based on the action shown in the trailer, the game seems a little reminiscent of Nintendo’s Brain Age titles. It’s certainly fast-paced and covers a wide variety of play types. Aside from whack-a-mole, memory, and “tap the screen as soon as the frog changes color” modes, the game will have at least thirteen other levels to choose from (though more are being promised).

The game is set to include simple, albeit cute and brightly-colored, graphics. The frogs aren’t limited to one color, either, nor do they all look alike. The visual presentation seems pretty kid-friendly.

Tap the Frog looks as though it should appeal to both adult gamers who enjoy these types of games as well as little kids who just want to mash the screen. The game is set to come out on April 21st for both iPhone and iPad.

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