Tap Tap Dash Will Frustrate and Beguile in Equal Measures next Month

By Jennifer Allen |

In need of having your patience levels tested? Haven’t felt the urge to throw your phone at a wall in a while? Tap Tap Dash is likely to change all that when it’s released in November. It’s a game that promises to be infuriatingly challenging. From the makers of Earn to Die 2, it’s a cute looking auto-runner which requires you to time your taps perfectly, as you negotiate various twisting paths.

Thanks to its simplistic looking nature, you’ll be duped into thinking this is going to be easy. However, 250 levels of increasing difficulty will be on offer, ensuring that your skill (and patience) will be tested to their limits.


For the masochist in all of us, Tap Tap Dash should delight and infuriate in equal measures when it launches next month. We’ll let you know more when we have it.

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