Suspect: The Run Preview

Suspect: The Run is a new arcade game that has you on a high-speed run from the po-po.

Them Smokies is thick as bugs on a bumper and they even got a bear in the air, but that’s not going to stop you from putting the hammer down in Suspect: The Run, a new arcade game that has you on a high-speed run from the po-po.

Remember those old handheld racing games where you had to quickly switch back and forth between lanes in order to avoid rear-ending slower traffic? That, when you get right down to it, is Suspect: The Run, the upcoming arcade racer from Jujubee. The police are on your tail, and you’re going to have to drive it like you stole it if you want to get away.

But there’s more to the action than just trying to avoid smashing into your fellow motorists – although sometimes, smashing into them is okay too. You’ll have to dodge helicopters and run blockades while collecting coins that afford you power-ups like magnets (for collecting even more coins!), score multipliers, and access to even faster, better cars. And of course the game is a lot prettier than those old-time classics too, with colorful 3D Retina graphics packed with visual effects, not to mention music, plenty of sound effects, and even a dash of humor.

Suspect: The Run supports buttons, tilt, and swipe controls, and will also offer online leaderboards so you can compare your high-speed getaway skills to the rest of the world. In-game challenges – drive 700 meters in the right-hand lane! – offer the opportunity to earn bonus coins, and you can even issue challenges to your friends. Oh, and it’s free to play! That’s always a nice bonus.

Suspect: The Run     Suspect: The Run

Suspect: The Run doesn’t look particularly sophisticated, but it does look like the kind of thing you could sink a surprising amount of time into, especially if you like driving fast and crashing into things – and who doesn’t like that? Look for it to come out later this month for iOS and Android devices.

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