Surfy Takes You From Sea to Sky in One Easy Flip

By Nadia Oxford |

Typically, surfers need to dodge rocks, avoid drowning, stay the heck away from sharks, and try  not to get their flesh peeled off by jellyfish. But isn’t there something a little more, y’know, exciting than standing on a board and putting one’s body at the mercy of an immeasurably powerful elemental force?

Sure there is. With Surfy by DreamWalk Interactive, surfing doesn’t end at the crest of a wave. With some skill and luck, you can let the water fling you into the air like the plaything of an angry god. What’s next? Try touching the edge of the stratosphere, or go for broke and visit Mars (try talking Dr Manhattan back down to Earth while you’re up there).

Surfy still has plenty of weird, wild things to do if you’d rather remain on the planet and breathe oxygen (wuss). You can bounce off whales, ride tornadoes, whack your head against a helicopter, and potentially get a bird embedded in your face. Then you can check global leaderboards, and compare your progress with your friends’ scores.

There are lots of coins to collect too – you know how people are always losing their change at the beach – which can be exchanged for power-ups and new boards. Duuude. Buy the one with, like, the topless mermaid on it.

Surfy hits the App Store on September 25th.

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