Super Run Away With Me Feels ‘Super’ Familiar

One of my fondest memories from childhood is playing JVC’s classic Super Nintendo release, Super Star Wars. I can’t count how many times I jumped up that sandcrawler, dodging droids and Jawas, only to miss a jump near the top and fall all the way to the ground to start over again. With Eren Özkural’s upcoming Super Run Away With Me, you too can experience those frustrating yet satisfying moments right on your very own iOS or Android device.

Super Run Away With Me is based on the indie film of almost the same name, which was also written and directed by Eren Özkural. The game features retro-styled graphics with three types of gameplay. Like Super Star Wars, you’ll be running and gunning in a 2D platforming style, ghost-riding your whip across the desert, and flying above vast war zones through nine different levels.

Like the movie, the game takes place in a world on the brink of destruction. In one of the last cities on Earth, the soldier Abraham is released from prison. Unable to return to a life of normalcy and peace, he begins to accept work from a mysterious man known as Ingram. Soon after he meets a woman named Marja with a mysterious connection to his past. Before long Abraham finds himself at the precipice of humanity’s destruction. Eventually fate leads him to one question: “Do I save the world, or the woman?”

The title’s plot and the movie’s are largely intertwined. However, Super Run Away With Me allows you to explore alternate possibilities to events from the film, giving quite a bit of value to those who have seen it. But rest assured, players who throw controllers (or devices): Some of the frustration from the Super Star Wars series this game pays homage to has been eliminated thanks to a regenerating health mechanic. Don’t worry, though. There’s still plenty of challenge here with over 20 different enemy types opposing you, as well as timed levels. The graphics have been lovingly handcrafted from CG assets from the film as well as plenty of pixellated goodness. The Mode 7 style graphics of the car and air sequences made me especially nostalgic, and are exceptionally well done.

There’s plenty of awesome art assets to look at over on the game’s website and the movie is definitely worth taking a peek at as well.

If you like what you see, Super Run Away With Me will be hitting the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on June 17.

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