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Stick it to the man! Stick to your guns! Other sayings about sticking to stuff!

Have you ever composed a list of the top ten superpowers you wished you possessed?  Of course you have. Everyone has. And on a majority of those lists, I’d wager, the ability to stick to (and subsequently climb) stuff probably showed up. Well, that’s never going to happen. But the next best thing, far as I can tell, is to enjoy the vicarious thrills that come from playing Stick to It, a game that’s all about—drum roll—sticking to stuff.

Stick to It puts players in the role of a loveable, amorphous blob named Spike. He’s been separated from his mother, and he needs to overcome a series of platformer-based puzzles to return to her. It won’t be an easy feat, but his ability to stick to surfaces will serve him well along the way.

The game’s one-button control scheme—touch the screen to cause Spike to stick to a surface, move finger away to release him—makes it a perfect experience for mobile, and iOS users far and wide should be pleased to hear that the game has been optimized for the iPhone 5, iPad 3/4, and iPhone 4/4S! Put another way, we’ll pretty much all be on equal footing when it comes to drooling over the game’s hand-painted graphics.

Stick To ItStick To It

Stick to It is being developed by Magic Pixel Games, a studio comprised of former core members of the Boom Blox team. That alone makes the game worth keeping an eye on, but if you still harbor any concerns, it will be available free for the first 72 hours when it launches on February 8.

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