Spellbinders Is a MOBA Hoping to Ensorcell You

The release of Tesla Tubes recently just wasn’t enough to keep Kiloo Games satiated. They’ve now moved onto Spellbinders. Just announced, the game is a MOBA-style strategy game, that hopes to, well, spellbind you.

You pick out a Titan, rally an army of minions, and attack everything in your wake. With an ancient twist put on everything, magic as well as brute force plays an important part as you work your way up the weekly league tables.

Spellbinders looks a bit like a mixture of a lane defense game and a MOBA, and if its bite sized gameplay is as interesting as it looks, it could be quite compelling. Plenty of skills are there for you to upgrade, while tweaking things to just how you like to play out these scenarios.

We’ll know more when it’s released April 28th.

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