Sons of Anarchy Will Live on in ‘SOA: The Prospect’

There was a point in time where I was all caught up with Sons of Anarchy, but I’ve since fallen behind and it’s become another show patiently waiting for its turn within my Netflix queue. It’s a rough show, certainly not for the feint of heart, about a motorcycle gang in California that are the kind of antiheroes you hate to love.

That all comes to an end tonight when the series finale debuts on FX. After seven seasons of throaty swearing, bar fighting, bro-hugging, and possibly the world-record for engine throttling noises used in a television show, Sons of Anarchy comes to an end.

Sons of Anarchy, FX
Sons of Anarchy, FX

Luckily, for fans of the show, the franchise will live on in Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect mobile game.

Set for release in early 2015, Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect is being developed by Orpheus Interactive and Silverback Games. While Orpheus Interactive is a brand-new studio, Silverback Games has been around for awhile, and is known for producing a variety of casual, hidden-object puzzle games.

The press release described Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect as a game which would explore a “previously unknown chapter” of the franchise. The release went on to say that the game is an interactive experience that will feature episodic releases on an ongoing basis. That sort of description instantly brings to mind the type of game that Telltale Games is known for.

Based on the title, “The Prospect” and the game’s description, I’m guessing that players will play as a newbie, trying to make a name for themselves and become inducted into the gang.

Sons of Anarchy creator and executive producer, Kurt Sutter, is working closely with the game developers to ensure that the game is faithful to the franchise.

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