Sonic Runners Trailer Released, Details Emerge

We initially reported on the existence of Sonic Runners last December. Back then very little was known about the game, beyond the facts that it would be a mobile-based game slated for a 2015 release.

Earlier this morning, SEGA unveiled a new Sonic Runners trailer, which serves more as a hype trailer than anything else. Luckily some concrete information was posted to the game’s temporary  website.

Sonic Runners is set for a 2015 release in Japan, with no confirmation on a Western release just yet. The game will be a free-to-play title with optional premium IAPs available, and the game will release for both Android and iOS devices.

Polygon dug a bit deeper and translated a Famitsu interview between the outlet and SEGA producer, Takashi Iizuka. The interview revealed that Sonic Runners is an endless runner-type game which will feature short, 1-2 minute long levels, and is heavily influenced by earlier Sonic the Hedgehog titles.

The main difference between Sonic Runners and Sonic Dash is that Runners will feature 2D, side-scrolling game design, akin to Rayman Fiesta Run and classic Sonic games.

Considering SEGA’s recently announced shift towards mobile, it should be interesting to see what a Sonic mobile game looks now that the company sees smartphones as their target platform.

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