Sky Punks Is The Next Rovio Stars Game

From Pirates and Vikings to hoverboard-surfing kids, the Rovio Stars publishing program is producing some fun mobile games. The latest from the publisher is Sky Punks, an “endless adventure” that has players zooming across the alien landscapes of Neo Terra as one of, at the time of this writing, thirty titular sky punks.


Sky Punks falls into the endless-runner genre. Players pick a sky punk, pick their GlideWing vehicle, and set off throughout the levels picking up collectables and completing objectives. As players progress they can use their collected currency (and real-world money, of course) to unlock additional sky punks and select new GlideWings.

Each sky punk and GlideWing come with unique stats and abilities, and unlocking certain groups of sky punks activates team abilities that affect the predesignated group of characters with certain bonuses.

sky1I was impressed with the variety of sky punks and GlideWings available from the start. The sky punks themselves can be customized with a handful of different costumes, too. For $49.99 (yeesh!) players can even unlock the Angry Birds costume set, which equips the sky punks with Angry Birds hoodies.

Sky Punks is a free-to-play iOS game that has already soft-launched in several regions (I found the game in the Canadian App Store). The game is optimized for iOS7 and will not run on the iPhone 4 or earlier devices.

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