SimCity BuildIt Announced, but What Is It?

There are city building games and then there are city building games. Over its long and storied history as a franchise, SimCity has usually fallen into the latter. In fact, SimCity is has pretty much been the pack leader for the last 24 years — and rightly so, considering it started the whole thing.

With all of that in mind, I can safely say that I have no idea what kind of game SimCity BuildIt is going to be. Recently announced by EA, the next entry in the franchise will be heading to iOS and Android devices at an undisclosed date in the future. There’s not even a hint of a release date. And really, that’s all we know.


Sure there are some minor details available: players will be able to rotate in 360 degrees and enjoy “3D-quality graphics” according to EA’s press info, and your choices will “evolve your city in a variety of ways.” That’s about as vague as you can get. They may as well have said “it’s a game!”

It’s time I stopped dancing around the question and just asked it. Is SimCity BuildIt going to be SimCity, or SimCity Social?


Gamezebo is one of the few sites that will be happy with either answer, but the not-knowing is eating us alive.

As soon as we learn more about SimCity BuildIt, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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