Sheltered’s Bunker Makes Vault 101 Look like a Vacation Home

By Nadia Oxford |

If a nuclear bomb goes off in your  neighborhood, what you actually want to do is run towards the fireball, not away from it. Otherwise, you may wind up in the unenviable scenario presented in Sheltered, an upcoming sim / management game: Crammed into a concrete bunker with your family, fighting off irradiated bandits and animals.

Following its successful Kickstarter campaign, Sheltered, developed by Unicube, will be brought to PC and other yet-unannounced platforms with the aid of Worms franchise steward, Team17. Sheltered takes place in a world that’s been nuked to a fine crisp, and the few survivors left are hungry and miserable.

Your family is reasonably well-off, given it sheltered in a bunker just before the blast. But you’re not home free. There are still threats to deal with, like wild animals, radiation sickness, and survivors gone half-mad with starvation and disease. Food and water supplies also have to be carefully managed.

Despite its minimalistic graphics, Sheltered looks pretty grim. Is there any chance for humankind’s revival? We’ll find out in 2015.

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