Shadow Fight 3 Is Taking the Series in Exciting New Directions

If you’re a fan of the Shadow Fight series, then you’re probably a fan of its 2D silhouette graphics, deep combat, and impressive animations. Well, the third game is getting rid of some of that.

Not the animations, that would be ridiculous. It’s moving into the third dimension, with what developer Nekki calls “almost movie-like quality” 3D graphics. And if they look as good as the trailer below well, we’re in for a treat.

There’ll still be some shadowy-ness going on though, with characters having a Shadow Form that turns them into an almost completely black shadow of themselves.

On top of that there’s a bunch of new gameplay options. These include dynamic quests, a variety of different customisation options, and a brand new storyline that picks up a decade after the events of the second game.

There are hundreds of different pieces of armour, weapons, and other types of equipment to collect, as well as plenty of other quests and battles to partake in outside of the main narrative.


Apparently Nekki has put more than 80,000 man hours into the game, which is an awful lot of hours in anyone’s book.

You’ll be able to see what that many hours of work end up looking and playing like when the game hits the App Store and Google Play Store in Fall.

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