Scrolls Android Release Date Set for December 11, iPad ‘Later’

Today is a day of celebration. Today is the day I can stop watching the clock.

Mojang had promised Scrolls on tablets before the end of the year, but with months turning into weeks turning into days, I had a growing suspicion that the game might have been pushed into 2015. And for some gamers, that might still be true.

Scrolls Android release date has been confirmed as December 11th… but there’s no date nailed down yet for iPad owners.


“The iPad version is taking a little while longer to get ready but will also be out as soon as possible,” reads an email we received today from Mojang.

With the annual holiday iTunes shutdown only weeks away, will it make it in before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve? We can’t say for sure.

What I can say with some certainty, though, is how much fun I’ve had playing Scrolls in the past. The game has been in beta on desktops since 2013, and it offers up a unique mix of strategy combat and card playing. It’s the sort of thing that would feel right at home on your tabletop, and, at the risk of editorializing, I’m crazy excited to have a work-related excuse to play it once again.


As we learned in September, the final version of Scrolls will only set players back $5. Considering the $20.95 it once cost to get into the beta, this is a great deal. The game comes out of beta on desktops on December 11 as well, and any players who participated in the alpha or beta will have access to the full game on all platforms with no additional purchase required.

Android gamers, it’s time to stop wondering when Hearthstone is coming and to start looking forward to something with a fixed date. Scrolls will be available for download on December 11.

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