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Words With Friends gets scrambled

Following the success of titles like Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends, today Zynga is launching yet another asynchronous multiplayer word game experience. Dubbed Scramble With Friends, the new mobile game is sort of like Boggle, but with a “With Friends” twist.

Each game in Scramble With Friends is divided into three rounds each lasting two minutes. The goal in each round is to find as many words as possible and rack up the highest score. Letters are placed on a four-by-four grid, and words are created by connecting any letters touching one another. You simply drag a line to connect the letters.

Scramble With FriendsScramble With Friends

Point levels increase as you move through the rounds and there are a few power-ups you can utilize as well, which do everything from temporarily stop time to reveal words you might not be able to see.

Other than that, the rest of the experience will be familiar to fans of the series. There’s push notifications to keep you abreast of when your friend takes their turn, you can chat while you play, and the letter tiles even have the same point values as they do in Words With Friends. Visually and mechanically Scramble With Friends provides a very consistent experience compared to its predecessors.

We’ll be digging into the game so expect to see a review on Gamezebo in the near future. Scramble With Friends launches today on iPhone and iPod Touch and will be coming to the iPad and Android devices later on.

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