Save the Aliens Preview

Can your match-3 skills Save the Aliens?

While just about every other game has you mowing down aliens in a never-ending kill fest, Save the Aliens wonders what would happen if you put yourself in the aliens’ shoes.

Save the Aliens will probably look familiar to those who’ve played a match three game at any point, but this game does have a few twists, starting with the objective: teleport the helpless aliens back to the mothership.

The other twist is in the actual gameplay where you will have to align certain colored jewels shown in the game’s teleporter to form a code that saves the aliens. However, if you don’t have the proper colors at any point in time you can destroy like-colored jewels in pairs of three to destroy existing jewels.

With Game Center integration, you’ll be able to share your score globally on the leaderboards as well with friends, and earn achievements to boost your overall score.

Save the Aliens

Save the Aliens

Keeping things fresh with three different planets with 21 levels in each one, Save the Aliens will probably keep you entertained for quite a while. This is not including any free updates that are likely to come in the future.

With a refreshing take on the match three genre, Save the Aliens should be a title worth looking out for when it hits on iPhone and iPad as a universal app in early May. Follow the game right here on Gamezebo to be notified of any updates on the game as they become available!

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