Rusty Lake T-Shirts are Coming

Rusty Lake—the strange, surreal, and often disturbing world first introduced to mobile in the Cube Escape games—is a relatively young series despite spanning 11 titles thus far. The first entry, Cube Escape: The Lake, released just over two years ago and developer Rusty Lake (formerly LoyaltyGames) has been building out its bizarre set of rules ever since. Fans of the series have spent the brief downtime between games during those two years creating amazing fan art and cosplays inspired by recurring characters such as Mr. Crow, Mr. Owl, Laura, and more. Rusty Lake shares some of these works on their Instagram, and they’re often as beautiful and mysterious as the series itself.


Those of us who are less artistically inclined will soon have a way to show off our own appreciation of Rusty Lake without creating an outfit from scratch: the developers announced on Twitter that they have just received a shipment of t-shirts which will be available on their website in the near future. They shared two different designs, both branded with the Rusty Lake logo: one shows off the simple and infamous cube that has had a key purpose in every entry since the series’ inception. The other features a gorgeous assembly of some of the series’ key characters, with a very recognizable corrupted soul acting as the focal point.

The shirts will come in black on white as well as the reverse and will be available in both men’s and women’s sizes. The pricing and exact date of availability is currently unknown, although Rusty Lake seems to have the shirts on hand and ready to sell. Once they are available for purchase, you will be able to snag one via the Rusty Lake merchandise shop.

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