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Once upon a game…in a comic book far, far away.

Ape Comics is everywhere. Ever since the announcement of their selection to create a series of comic books exploring the universe of The Game Bakers SQUIDS Wild West, it’s been a spiral of reveals, each one seemingly bigger than the next. First up was the news that they would be delivering a colourful, Indiana Jones-style take on Temple Run. How do you top that? Oh, I don’t know, but telling the backstory of Sensei in a Fruit Ninja strip! Now, they’re at it again.

Announced yesterday at this year’s San Diego ComicCon (because where else), it seems that Ape Comics will yet again have their hands in a project tied to the world of mobile gaming. This time, however, their work won’t just be enhancing the world of a game…it’ll be creating it. Created by indie studios Endeavor Bros and Monkube, The Adventures of Retrobot will be a fusion of game and comic styled as an interactive novel with moments of “pick up and play gamer action.” 

The Adventures of Retrobot

What gamer action, you ask!? (Perhaps I’m a little to in to this whole comic book motif.) Specifically, The Adventures of Retrobot will be a story about a DIY robot built as a gaming buddy (R.O.B. anyone?) out to save his maker from the nefarious artificial overlords who’ve taken over the world. The title will employ Tall Chair’s proprietary “Active Reader” technology (used in Pixar’s recent Brave comic) which allows for panels of the story to come alive with a touch and expand as individual game moments. In doing so, the team is looking to craft a tale “filled with events that will remind any gamer of their fondest gaming moments.” 

While details are a little scanter than I’d like them for a project that sounds full of so much awesome, I’m already getting visions of a cross between Viewtiful Joe and Retro City Rampage, and the result is a game I’m now absolutely dying to play. And to top it all off, the development duo has staffed some pretty slick talent on the game, including Newrosoft, the Gameloft producer involved in N.O.V.A, and Maurtis Goossens, whose violin work can be heard in movies ranging from Scorcese’s The Aviator to the recent Oscar winner The Artist. 

Releasing mid-July, Retrobot is not the only exciting development hitting from ComicCon. For more news from the show, navigate your comic, video game, and movie-loving self on over to our pals at Comicconhub

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