Remedy Rush Could Start New Alliterative Trend for Whitaker Trebella

By Nick Tylwalk |

Whitaker Trebella has made his name off some excellent games that start with the same letter, namely Piloteer, Pivvot and Polymer. However, sometimes flexing your creative muscles means changing things up, even if that means embracing another letter of the alphabet for Remedy Rush.

Slated to hit the App Store on January 5, Remedy Rush is a puzzle/adventure game with a unique setting: the inside of your cells. Apparently, you’ve contracted what Trebella calls “a pesky sickness,” and the only cure is more cowbell. Sorry, scratch that. The cure involves getting down and dirty within your cells to tackle the germs head-on.

As you can see in the trailer below, you won’t be calling on Big Pharma here, but instead using things like sunglasses, lipstick and sushi to banish disease. Does sushi really have healing powers? Might explain why I haven’t had the flu in years …

Here’s a little more on what to expect from Remedy Rush from the official press release:

[quote]Simple in gameplay mechanics and a tension-filled balancing act between quick thinking and logical decision making, Remedy Rush consists of deeper layers than initially meet the eye. Contrasting the simple lines and colors of the cells with the detailed pop-art inspired remedies, Remedy Rush thrusts players into an unpredictable battle of the germs![/quote]

Looks just the right kind of weird. Hit the App Store on Thursday to download Remedy Rush for free and see if the letter ‘R’ is going to become the next big thing.

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