Reincarnation Has Its Perks in Super Rude Bear Resurrection

By Jim Squires |

We’ve all played those hellish platformers — the ones that taunt you with your past failures by showing them right alongside your current run. And we’ve all played puzzling platformers that have you pushing items to reach new areas.

But what if you combined the two?

Super Rude Bear Resurrection by Alex Rose is looking to answer that question, combining thumb-blisteringly difficult platforming with the pushing of your former corpses to reach new areas. Your earlier versions will serve as rafts, shields and more.

The game won Ludum Dare 28‘s jam innovation category earlier this year, which seems to have been enough to prompt Alex to turn this one into a full-fledged game.

You can expect this one on “at least” PC, he tells us, in early 2015. If you want to try it before that, you can sign up for the Super Rude Bear Resurrection beta by clicking here.

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