Rebuild 3 Release Delayed, but You Might Still Be Able to Play This Week

We were super stoked to hear Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville would be hitting iOS this week in all its post-apocalyptic simulation glory, but it looks like our excitement was a little preemptive. Developer Northway Games has had to push the release date back to August 27th after a last-minute run-in with device compatibility troubles, leaving us now two weeks out from move-in day in Deadsville.

But wait! You might still be able to start culling zombie hordes today. To help resolve the aforementioned issue, Northway has opened up an additional 2,000 spots for beta testers interested in hunting down bugs alongside the undead. There are 1,000 openings for Android and 1,000 for iOS, and players with access to older devices are especially encouraged to sign up. Besides getting a chance to play Rebuild 3 early and help iron out any last kinks, playtesters receive a shout-out in the game’s credits in honor of their much-appreciated and necessary help. Win-win-win!


To sign up to playtest Rebuild 3, head over to this Northway blog post and follow the instructions for your device type. Do we think you’d enjoy testing Rebuild 3? Well, we’ve been playing it basically nonstop for the past three days, and not because of any sort of “can’t exit” bug, so we’re leaning towards yes.

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