Race to Rome Preview

We put on a funny hat and pretend to be Ben Hur for our preview of Race to Rome!

Life in Roman time was hard, and nobody knows that as well as Marcus. As a former Centurion Marcus must tend the fields, visit the market — and deal with cold-hearted revenge. Race to Rome is an upcoming online racing game that pits chariot against chariot as Marcus sets out to protect the one thing that matters most: his family.

One day while Marcus was at the market, Roman Legionnaires visit his home to dish out retribution for Marcus deserting their ranks. As punishment for his desertion the Legionnaires steal his son, setting Marcus on a journey that will take him through the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire in an effort to reclaim his boy Linus.

Marcus will do this the only way he knows how: chariot racing! Race to Rome is a web-based racing experience set to debut online later this month. Players will control Marcus using the keyboard as he competes in a variety of events that range from common races to combat-infused chariot battles. During the course of his adventure Marcus will unlock 37 different tracks, 3 different chariots, and a variety of horses, weapons, armor.

Race to Rome

In our brief hands-on time with a preview build of the game this week were delighted to see that everything ran as smoothly as promised. The 3D modelling has come together nicely, providing a depth to characters and environments that you generally don’t find in browser games. And while the racing itself was fun, the moments where racing and combat collide were both intense and highly enjoyable.

Like most browser-based games, Race to Rome will be free of charge when it launches later this month. Want to be notified the minute you can jump into a chariot of your very own? Be sure to set a Gamezebo game alert!

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