PUBG Mobile Winter Update FAQ: When Will Vikendi Go Live?

This winter PUBG Mobile will have a new map blasting its way onto our devices. But that’s not all there will be a new vehicle, new snowball fight in the pre-match lobby and there is even rumoured to be a new weapon. Want to know exactly what is coming in this winter update? Then you know what to do, read on!

New Map

The new map added to PUBG Mobile will be called Vikendi. It’s a snowy themed map where users will frolic in the snow and win a tasty chicken dinner. It’s a 6x6km map, which puts it in the same size bracket as Sanhok. This means more gun battles, less open space and more chance of running into people on the road. They have scheduled the new map and other new content to go live on mobile devices for the 21st of December.

New Vehicle

With the addition of a new map comes the addition of a new mode of transport, Snowmobile. Who hasn’t wanted to run down your enemies with one of these bad boys? Well, there really is no better way of traversing the snowy landscape, then with a snowmobile between your legs. The exact stats of the snowmobile have yet to be announced, but I am sure it will be a lot better than walking.

Snowball fights and footprints

In the pre-match lobby of a game at Vikendi, users will be able to pick up snowballs and fire them at each other. This might sound a lot less thrilling than a gunfight, but it offers an enormous amount of entertainment value none the less.

With the introduction of a new weather system, comes new game-changing mechanics. No, I don’t mean snowstorms, I mean footprints. Stalking prey has never been easier with your victims leaving a trail of footprints in their wake. Stay on top of the game by treading where someone else has already been. But remember, the hunter can often become the hunted.

One last point to mention is the introduction of a new assault rifle, the G36C. There will also be changes to matchmaking as well as reward systems so keep your eyes peeled in December for some top quality winter action in PUBG Mobile.


Anything else new?

That’s a good question, eagle-eyed players will have noticed a couple of changes from the PUBG Mobile downtime that occurred a couple of days ago. As of right now, you can download the Vikendi map to have it ready for the actual release. The map goes live at midnight GMT and 7:00 pm EST, so be sure to have Vikendi downloaded so you can jump straight in. One other thing to mention is the introduction of Jingle Bells, we will be able to explain more about these bells later today but their exact use is still unknown.

More will be made clear when the new map is available, and I for one am very excited to fight in the snow.

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