Pokemon on Switch, Pokemon GO and Pokemon Quest: Everything you need to know

While the world has been waiting for the announcement of Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch since the console was first launched, what Nintendo actually revealed this week was even better — especially for mobile gamers. Not only will the upcoming games arriving this fall have a direct connection to Pokemon GO, there’s also a third title that is on Switch now and coming to mobile in June.

We’ve summarized everything you need to know about the Pokemon Switch games and what they mean to you as a mobile gamer, so let’s get into it.

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee

As was heavily rumored since people caught wind of Nintendo making moves to trademark the names, the pair of core Nintendo Switch Pokemon games centers on two of the oldest and most popular Pokemon, Pikachu and Eevee. In keeping with the tradition of the franchise, this pair of games that arrives on Nov. 16 will be similar in terms of content but have different characters in the spotlight.

The announcement trailer shows exactly why the word ‘Go’ is in the titles, as throwing a Poke Ball to collect Pokemon will be a big part of these games too, and while they will be playable with a single Joy-Con, there’s also a new Poke Ball Plus peripheral with lights and sound to add to the immersion factor.

It will be interesting to see exactly how the new games push things forward for the Switch or if they end up being exactly what people wanted, but with Game Freak behind them, there should be strong RPG elements as well.

Pokemon GO

Another big part of Nintendo’s reveals is how Pokemon GO will connect with the two Switch games in a very direct fashion. For starters, people will be able to catch Pokemon from the Kanto region in GO and bring them directly into Let’s Go, which is a cool idea. The Poke Ball Plus will also be usable in the mobile game, though you’re almost certain to get some unusual looks from the uninitiated if you do that.

There was also a very intriguing tidbit in the Nintendo press release that promised the following:

Something special will also be coming to the world of Pokémon GO, making the connection between both games even more appealing for Trainers. Details for this will be revealed in the near future.

That makes it sound like Pokemon GO itself will get a big update to correspond to the Switch games when they launch, so it’s worth keeping tabs on news headed into the fall even if you never plan on playing the Let’s Go titles.

Pokemon Quest

Last but certainly not least, given that it’s coming to mobile soon, is Pokemon Quest. A completely separate game that is already available on the Switch, Pokemon Quest is an action RPG with a blocky, pixel art style (think Pokemon x Crossy Road and you’ve got it) that is said to be targeting a late June release on iOS and Android.

We’ve played it briefly and can report that it throws you into simple but hectic battles as your team of three Pokemon explore a mysterious island and run into lots of the native Pokemon on the way. They execute basic attacks on their own, but your timing with their special moves is critical. You also have a base camp you can expand with decorations to gain buffs, plus you can cook different types of food to attract more Pokemon to befriend.

Pokemon Quest is a lot of what people traditionally like about Pokemon but with a few new tweaks, and it should be popular when it hits mobile. We’ll keep you posted on release information as we learn it.

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