Pocket Starships to Get Assimilated in Pocket Starships: Star Trek Borg Invasion


It’s probably not a bad idea to take an already successful game and add some Star Trek to it. That might be what is happening with the real-time MMO Pocket Starships and its recently announced expansion — or it might be that the Borg simply left the developers no choice. They’re funny that way.

In any case, the game is about to change big time this fall when it becomes Pocket Starships: Star Trek Borg Invasion this fall, bringing content from three different Star Trek series with it. SPYR is saying the game will integrate Trek ships and characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, but we think assimilate sounds more appropriately Borg-y.

Players will be able to check out new sectors of the universe and use the game’s trading card system to add Star Trek characters to their crews. First-timers will appreciate the crafting system for building ships and equipment, which now will include some familiar Trek tech.


Plus, everyone will get to battle the Borg, which is kind of the point.

“Star Trek is one of the most culturally significant science fiction franchises of all time and its popularity is indisputable,” Mike Turner, VP of Strategic Partnerships at SPYR, said in a press release. “We’re thrilled to introduce long-time fans of Star Trek around the world to Pocket Starships with Pocket Starships: Star Trek Borg Invasion. The combination of Pocket Starships’ real-time, cross-platform MMO gameplay with the Star Trek brand will deliver a truly unique and exciting gaming experience.”

Best of all, darn near everyone can help try to turn back the cubes since Pocket Starships is truly cross-platform on iOS, Android, Kindle and web browsers. Check out the Pocket Starships website to learn more about how to play the game right now, and look for the Borg Invasion to take root in earnest this fall.

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