Pocket Mortys Will Fully Embrace Season 3


Are you a fan of the Adult Swim hit Rick & Morty? A fiend for their interdimensional travel? A glutton for their mad science? Whether you’ve already staked your claim to the television for Sunday nights to catch all 9 remaining episodes of Rick & Morty’s third season or are just someone who’s fallen head-over-heels for the spin-off mobile game Pocket Mortys we’ve got fantastic news for you!

Pocket Mortys 1

To coincide with the formal launch of season three on July 30th, Pocket Mortys is getting a big upgrade! Starting right now there is now multiplayer mode so get ready to test your own relationship with your dear old (but hopefully game-savvy) grandpa! Additional new content will be coming down the pipe on a weekly basis in REAL TIME! That’s right, your Pocket Mortys experience will look and feel a little different every Sunday based on what’s happening in the show.

Pocket Mortys 2

Included in this content will be a host of new avatars. Have you been dreaming of playing as Commander Rick or Scary Terry? Well, keep plugged in and your dreams will come true. Over the course of the season you’ll have the chance to collect avatars of both of the above as well as Judge Morty, Summer, Tinkles, Ants in My Eyes Johnson among others. Better yet, you’ll be able to take these new avatars straight over to multiplayer settling any and all bets over who the best character in the show is once and for all.

Pocket Mortys 3

As many of us have moved from watching our favorite TV shows as they air to taking a more relaxed on-demand (and at our leisure) approach, this is one ingenious way of keeping fans engaged with the broadcast cycle.


With more shows crossing over into the mobile games universe, we can only hope that developers and networks take a page out of Adult Swim’s playbook here and offer regular content that’ll keep players coming back for more.

Pocket Mortys – including multiplayer mode – is available now for Android and iOS.

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