Pillage and Loot in Drag’n’Boom Next Week

It’s been a good week for gamers who are looking for more opportunities to take control of a mythical beast and decimate the countryside: after just learning about Rebel Twins’ upcoming Dragon Hills 2, we’ve received word that Ankama (the team behind DOFUS) is working on Drag’n’Boom, an equally dragon-filled arcade adventure packed with castle-blasting and treasure hoarding.

Drag’n’Boom’s colorful green hills and flag-topped turrets bring to mind mini-golf, as does its rolling ball of dragon protagonist. Our fire-breathing hero will fling himself down slopes and across knight-manned fortifications, through narrow corridors lined with spikes and sheep, and across gaps filled with coins.

Sonic-like speed seems to be the dragon’s first line of defense, allowing him to rush upon enemies and unleash a volley of fire before they can raise their shields. He uses a bullet time-style innate ability to slow down the world around him as he changes direction or lines up shots mid-air, with a drag-and-shoot slingshot mechanic vaguely reminiscent of the fluid control scheme that worked so well in Skullduggery! Successful attacks contribute to a combo meter that rewards streaks of destruction with extra coins.


You’ll want to build up those streaks frequently since the entire reason for this dragon’s rampage is simply to amass as much gold as possible. Doing so will allow your dragon to unlock new powers and ways to destroy the villages he catapults through, although we assume he ultimately just wants to take a nap on the giant treasure pile in a dauntingly remote cave. His other incentive is simply a natural love of pillaging, which is represented with a nice little touch on the level select screen, which displays varying degrees of burned kingdoms based on star rating.

Drag’n’Boom is slated to launch September 12th on the App Store with over 50 levels to burn to your heart’s content.

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