Partyrs Looks like a Mellower, Hipster The Sims

By Jim Squires |

Have you ever thrown a party and tried to make it perfect for everyone? Me neither. They can eat the chips I buy, drink the beer they bring, and then get the hell out.

The creator of Partyrs, however, sees a certain social value in making sure his guests are happy. That’s probably why he’s created a game about satisfying the needs of 30+ different party-goers, from rock-loving robots to gold-greedy goblins.

At first glimpse, the “here’s what I need!” speech bubbles above their heads bring to mind Sims who are desperate for a bathroom (or a fire extinguisher, YOU MONSTER). Partyrs almost seems to take that spirit and turned it into a full-fledged puzzle game. You’ll be making sure a roomful of partygoers are properly cared for.

Also – the art is absolutely charming.

Ready to host your own mobile shindig? Partyrs will be coming to iOS on September 10th.

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