Parking Lot by Crustalli Preview

Parking Lot by Crustalli puts you behind the wheel of an innovative logic puzzle game for iOS

Today’s cars are marvels of engineering and technology. They have built-in TVs and video games. They can play mp3s and access satellite radio stations from around the world. Heck, cars today can practically drive themselves. They can’t, however, park themselves. In fact, parking your car is every bit a nightmare in 2012 it was in 1912.

Parking Lot by Crustalli

Luckily, Parking Lot by Crustalli is coming to iOS to help you practice the art of parking. It’s a logic puzzle game that trots out multiple parking scenarios that you must figure out with a strong mind and a quicker steering wheel. Wait—logic? Roads? Driving? Do those three things even go together?

Parking Lot by Crustalli

Parking Lot by Crustalli

Crustalli, the studio behind Kick the Buddy for iOS, promises that there will be over 300 parking situations for you to work out, with three levels of difficulty. There will also be continuous updates, clean graphics, great sound, and your car’s color will change to match the country you live in. When we’re done solving all of Crustalli’s parking puzzles, maybe the studio will ask us to engage in an in-game fight with the gorilla-sized jerk who splayed his car across three handicap parking spaces (hint: go for the eyes).

Crustalli reports that Parking Lot by Crustalli will be out soon. Keep up with Gamezebo for more information. In the meantime, learn to park, ya bum! (Beep beep!)

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