Papers, Please Coming to iPad This Week

By Nadia Oxford |

Glory to Lucas Pope. Earlier this evening, the developer of the critically-acclaimed and super-depressing time management game Papers, Please posted a screenshot of an upcoming iPad adaptation of the title. It’s due to arrive this week on December 12.

We reviewed the initial PC version of Papers, Please and found it to be very compelling, if emotionally (and even physically) draining. You play the game as a border guard in a dingy grey country behind the Iron Curtain. Your job is to let visitors in while detaining potential troublemakers and terrorists.

Distinguishing between the good and the bad becomes more and more difficult as you’re required to look for a mounting number of discrepancies between documents. But if you go too slowly, you won’t earn enough money to feed and clothe your perpetually cold and hungry family.

Papers, Please is an intense game, but understandably not for everyone. That said, it was certainly for us: Gamezebo called it the #3 best game of 2013.

Around the Gamezebo office, there is a great deal of interest in the iPad adaptation. According to Pope’s Twitter account, the mobile adaptation is exclusively for iPad at this time. Also, the full-body scan mechanic, which you can use to findconcealed weapons on a person, will no longer feature full nudity.

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