Paint the Town with Craneballs’ Splash Cars

Splash Cars is a top-down action / driving game from Craneballs that’s about bringing splashes of vibrant color to a world gone grey with conformity. Fight the Man!

As you drive, you lay down a trail of color in your wake. Grey lawns become green. White trees blossom with life again. Houses regain their original hue. Somehow. OK, the logistics aren’t important. What matters is your art.

The more land you paint, the better your score. However, cops chase you down in an attempt to stop you. Street washers also kick up their efforts to undo all your hard work.

splash cars craneballs

Let’s be fair about this, though: You don’t have to be living in a highly-conformed dystopian society for the cops to get on your butt about impromptu street painting. If you’re driving across other people’s lawns and dribbling buckets of paint all over private and public property, even the free world’s law enforcement won’t be too impressed with you.

Don’t let that stop you from living out Splash Cars’ big, colorful dream, though. Look for the game on iOS and Android in January.

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