Overkill 3 Now Available in Canada, New Zealand

By Jim Squires |

It was just last week that we were telling the world about how excited we were to play Overkill 3, and now, thanks to a Canadian iTunes account, we’re doing just that.

The first cover-based entry in the shooting gallery series, Overkill 3 has soft-launched in Canada and New Zealand as a free download. We’ve poked around with the first few levels and are pleased to report that it seems to do the two things it needed to: show us why a move to cover-based play made sense, and retain enough of what we loved about the series to make it feel like an Overkill game.

Overkill 3 seems to be more evolution than revolution. While our time with the game has been admittedly brief so far, I can’t help but feel the most apt description would be “it’s Overkill, but with cover and gorgeous visuals.” This isn’t some giant leap forward into trying to be Gears of War or anything like that — it’s very much the Overkill fans of the series know and love, but upgraded.

Don’t just take my word for it. Get a Canadian iTunes account and find out for yourself. If not, you can sit tight and wait for Overkill 3‘s worldwide November release date.

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