Overkill 3 Confirmed for February 26th

Guns. Big guns. Customizable guns. Shooty guns. If you like video games, chances are you’ve handled your share. And Overkill 3? It wants you to handle all of them. And the armory is open for business on February 26th.

The third entry in Craneballs’ popular shooting gallery series, Overkill 3 promises to be a big leap forward for the franchise. The flat, 2D graphics of its predecessors have been replaced by a fully 3D world. What once was a first-person perspective has now been replaced by a behind-the-back camera. Why? To show off all of the armor you’ll be acquiring and tweaking.


The game will also be transitioning from a stationary-style shooter to a game of running for cover.

“For Overkill 3 we wanted to keep the core gameplay, which is hugely based on reflexes, speed and precision,” Craneballs’ Daniel Maslovsky wrote in a developer diary for Gamezebo last summer, “but we also wanted to expand the game beyond gallery-shooter. Cover-based third person-shooter was the way to go for us.”

We had a chance to try the game out in soft-launch in September, and our impressions were largely positive. At that time, Overkill 3 felt like a familiar experience with some fresh tweaks and a huge leap forward graphically. Though whether that experience has been maintained in the final release remains to be seen.

Want to find out for yourself? You’ll be able to download Overkill 3 for free when it hits the App Store and Google Play on February 26th.

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