Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Preview

By Erin Bell |

Teenage sleuth Nancy Drew will step into a world of art dealers, elite
socialites and organized crime syndicates when she travels to Venice to
solve a series of art thefts thought to be the work of a mysterious
masked figure in Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice. The 18th instalment in the Nancy Drew adventure will launch on July 7.

Meet the suspects:

La Contessa Margherita Fauberg, a recently widowed socialite whose frivolous spending habits threaten to undermine her elite status and might just push her to do something desperate to stay in her elite circle – including dealing in stolen artifacts.

Colin Baxter, an art restorer whose job allows him to gain access to valuable artifacts – possibly to steal the treasures and sell them on the black market.

Helena Berg, an ambitious reporter specializing in high profile crimes who might not be telling everything she knows about organized crime rings.

Enrico Tazza, a former member of the Machiano Crime Syndicate who now runs a private club called the Casa dei Giochi (House of Cards) and still has the connections and knowledge to steal the artifacts.

Antonio Fango, the prime suspect in the case who intalled modern conveniences for the houses where the artifacts were stolen. Authorities have no evidence against him, but does that simply mean that the tech savvy Antonio is commiting crimes so perfectly that no clues are left behind?

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