MOOSE VS TRAINS Is the Most Accurate Game Title I’ve Seen In Ages

By Jim Squires |

Game development is a hard business — and not just because there’s a lot of coding and design work involved. Sometimes you’ll find yourself struggling with the seemingly little things, like finding just the right name for your game.

In the case of Snowbird Games’ MOOSE VS TRAINS, they’ve gone with the bleedingly obvious.


As the title suggests, you’ll play the role of a moose who — either through bravery or stupidity — has decided to smash as many trains as possible before meeting the great moose in the sky.  Players will swipe to smash trains which, once airborne, will destroy the environment around you (hopefully leading to a moose-sized score).

Expect to see MOOSE VS TRAINS’ rail-based rampage kick off on iOS in mid-July.

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