Monster Quest Preview

Monster Age offers up a freemium spin on a familiar routine: Catch, Breed, Battle

While you might be tempted to immediately dismiss GREE’s Monster Age as another iOS-based Pokemon clone, consider this: Even Pokemon doesn’t have a creature as unsettling as a ferret that’s bristling with six rabbit-like ears. That said, Monster Age still revolves around collecting, breeding, and battling monsters that should, by all rights, eat your face the first time you even try to order them around.

Monster Age

Monster Age isn’t just about battling monsters, though. You also need to make a nice settlement for them, since fire-breathing dragons typically don’t do well chained to a doghouse in the backyard. There are over 40 structures and decorations that you can purchase to better your settlement. Luckily, you can collect gold from your monsters in return. Don’t knock it. When was the last time your cat paid the rent?

Of course, Monster Age isn’t just about better living through monsters. When you connect to GREE’s online world, you gain access to an MMORPG that’s home to over 400 monsters, 300 quests, over a dozen areas to explore, and countless players that are itching for the opportunity to throw their monsters at yours. You can prepare yourself for Monster Age‘s dragon-eat-dragon world by fusing two monsters to create a more powerful creature.

 Monster Age

Monster Age

Monster Age is brought to life through colorful, animated monster designs. It’s free to play, though you can make in-app purchases if you want to wrangle some special items.  Expect to see this one on iOS soon. In the meantime, if you happen to be taking a walk and you see a six-eared rabbit-ferret, do not engage. Back away while praying furiously to the deity of your choice. 

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