MinoMonsters for Mobile Preview

MinoMonsters brings battling pets to iOS this December

Have you always longed to adopt a magical pet? One that you could carry with you on your phone wherever you go and battle against similar creatures owned by your friends? Well, you can rest easy, because MinoMonsters is about to hit the App Store next month.

MinoMonsters sends you to the ruins of Zancardi, a kingdom whose people could control the elements. Apparently things went to pot a thousand years ago and the MinoMonsters are the only remaining inhabitants. These creatures are the key to saving the world from a new encroaching evil, so it’s up to you to capture and train them in order to protect the realm.

MinoMonsters for Mobile

MinoMonsters for Mobile

At the moment, developer MinoMonsters Inc. is remaining coy about the actual gameplay, though it’s promising that the game will feature both single and multiplayer campaigns. Whatever they do, we’re just hoping it’s an improvement on their earlier dismal Facebook game.

Additionally, the developer is implying that captured MinoMonsters will require the same type of attention as pet simulators like Nintendogs. The key to successfully training one of these creatures, you’ll have to “[develop] deep bonds” with them.

MinoMonsters is due to arrive in the App Store on December 6th, with a price tag of $0.99.

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