Minecraft meets Cookie Clicker in PickCrafter

There aren’t many things that make me feel like an old man, but Minecraft and Cookie Clicker both manage to pull off that feat admirably. I don’t really get the appeal of either (in the case of Minecraft I get it, but it’s just not for me), and my children go nuts for both.

Kids these days, am I right?

Based on my own limited experience, developer fiveamp may have hit on a surprisingly winning formula with PickCrafter. The game is due out on Android and iOS in early August, and combines the gameplay of cookie clicker games with a Minecraft theme.

Players will pickaxe their way through varying kinds of rock, earning “picks” that they can spend on upgrades and treasure chests.

This isn’t a game for me. I know that. But I also know of at least two kids who will go [email protected]#% for this. Don’t be surprised if this one burns up the charts for a little while when it releases in a few weeks.

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