‘Mekorama’ Coming Soon From Odd Bot Out Developer

By Lian Amaris |

Does the world need another adorable robot puzzle? If it is coming from solo developer Martin Magni, then the answer is certainly yes. Magni, the developer of the sleeper hit Odd Bot Out (which we loved so much we included it in our Best of 2015) has announced his new game Mekorama is coming soon. We couldn’t be more excited.

Mekorama will have 50 “tiny mechanical dioramas” to master, while helping a lost robot stumble home. In a departure from the 2D aesthetics of Odd Bot Out, Mekorama’s 3D manipulable landscapes are reminiscent of Monument Valley but with more brick and mortar.

Check out the video and you’ll notice the details we’ve come to love from Magni- a relaxed atmosphere, idiosyncratic gestures, and the charm that can only come from pudgy, cyclopsian robots.

And if that isn’t enough to get you excited, builders and tinkerers rejoice, for Mekorama will also feature a level editor! Peruse a menu of building blocks, steps, bricks, and water available for players to create and share their own diorama puzzles as QR codes. We love the potential for user-generated levels to extend Mekorama’s lifespan while giving fans a lot more interaction and engagement within the world of the game.


If you love Odd Bot Out, Monument Valley, or just the potential of Mekorama, then head over to Touch Arcade’s forums where Magni is recruiting beta testers. And look forward to more Gamezebo coverage of Mekorama in the (hopefully soon) future.

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