Max and the Magic Marker Preview

By Jim Squires |

Every kid loves to draw, but few of them get to do it with a truly ‘magic’ marker! Max and the Magic Marker is a soon-to-release 2D puzzle platformer to be distributed by Legacy Games. Players will use their mouse to draw new objects that will to help Max navigate each level. The game promises 15 levels spanning 3 different worlds, all of which is presented in a friendly cartoon style.

The story begins with young Max getting a mysterious orange marker in the mail. Not sure what to do, Max gives the marker a test run by drawing a monster – only it comes to life in the drawing and jumps to another picture, wreaking untold havoc. Max quickly draws himself into the picture, and his adventure begins.

Max and the Magic Marker

Development of the project began in 2007 when the team at Press Play developed a Flash demo that combined the drawing mechanics of games like Crayon Physics Deluxe and Line Rider with the classic gameplay found in a 2D platformer. Three years later the complete project is just about ready for PC release in North America, with Legacy Games entering into a publishing agreement with The Games Company for distribution rights on this side of the Atlantic.

Max and the Magic Marker will be available from Legacy Games this April.

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