Matthew Hall Teases Frogger-Like Crossy Road

By Jim Squires |

Like voxels? How about Frogger? How about the amazing body of work by Matthew Hall, aka Klicktock? If you’ve said yes to one (or, like me, all) of the above questions, you should probably get excited for Crossy Road.

This time around, Matthew isn’t just going it solo. Crossy Road is being jointly developed with Andy Sum, aka Jigxor, the man behind Dungeon Dashers.

No further details have emerged quite yet, but Hall has confirmed to Gamezebo that we’ll be able to enjoy this one on our iOS devices “soon.”

In the meantime, go enjoy KlickTock’s great earlier games like ZONR and Little Things Forever, or quietly wait for their other upcoming title, Deck War.

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