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Sling tiles, score points, and make friends with Zynga’s Matching With Friends

Get ready to shake down your friends: it’s time for everyone to form a circle, hold hands, and enjoy another “With Friends” title by Zynga. This time we’re playing Matching With Friends for iOS, a number-and-block matching game that appears to be in the same wheelhouse as the well-loved tile-based game Qwirkle (which too, is destined for mobile devices soon).

Matching With Friends Matching With Friends

When you start a game of Matching With Friends, you’re presented with three sets of three multicolored tiles. Ideally, you need to match up three of the same colors to score points. The tiles can be flipped horizontally or vertically. If you know what you’re doing, you can take advantage of the various score multipliers on the board to really rake in the points. When you’ve set all of your tiles, your score is tallied and your matches disappear. The “leftover” tiles that weren’t part of a match remain on the board, and your opponent can use them to his or her advantage.

If the tiles you get stuck with are total wash-outs, you can switch a set at the cost of ten coins. You earn coins for completing games.

As with most “With Friends” games, you can play Matching With Friends against your Facebook pals, or you can simply enter your email and look for a random opponent. It’s okay if you’re not actually friends with these strangers. We won’t tell on you.

Matching With Friends Matching With Friends

There’s no set release date on Matching With Friends, but Gamezebo will have more information on matching and friendship as we draw closer to launch.

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