Match-Three ‘Bear Winter’ Coming Out of Hibernation

Just when you thought there was no new ways to repackage the classic, Bejeweled-style match-three puzzle game, indie developer Nevercenter teases us with its forthcoming minimalist iOS game Bear Winter.

Bear-Winter-02Much like food and fuel high up in the Russian mountains, details about Bear Winter are a little thin on the ground right now. But from what we’ve seen, it’s a simple yet very intriguing mix of icon matching and strategy.

There are three different elements for you to collect in Bear Winter, which you acquire by lining up similar icons. You know how it works. This game, however, isn’t just about shoring up a high score by blazing through lots of quick matches.

For example, you need fire to stay alive in this bleak environment, and you need acorns for sustenance. Gathering up arrowheads allows you to build up a defensive option for when the eponymous bears attack. This is all presented with a superb minimalist, posterized aesthetic that gives Bear Winter enough of an edge to really get us intrigued, despite it making use of very familiar gameplay mechanics.

Bear-Winter-01It’s all explained rather eloquently over on the official website, which explains the gameplay in four short, simple lines:

I gather fire for warmth.

I gather acorns for sustenance.

I gather arrows for defense.

Then the bears come.

Nevercenter is prepping Bear Winter for its iOS launch on December 16, so you’ll be able to sample its seasonal delights in time for Christmas. And keep an eye out here for more info once we get our claws into it.

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