Match Land Redefines the Edible on April 27

Get ready match-three fanatics, Match Land is dropping for iOS and Android on April 27th, offering an interesting new spin on the RPG/match-three hybrid genre. Match Land is the first game out of new indie studio Race Cat, formed through a collaboration between the folks behind Swap Heroes and Wedding Escape, and if the early looks are anything to go by, it certainly won’t be the last.

Match Land Tablet Screenshot

In Match Land you’re the manager of a fantasy-based medieval food market brimming with shops that require some pretty peculiar ingredients like blobs. This isn’t your mum’s cooking, but as manager, it’s up to you to give the people what they want or you’ll quickly be out of business.

Keeping your shops well stocked in Match Land isn’t easy. This is no idle clicker. Capturing enemies requires defeating them in match-three battles. Make a match, and a clock will count down giving you a chance to make additional matches and build up a little bit of momentum with each flurry of attack.

Match Land Screenshot 2

Successful management will help you make sure your shops keep ticking over, netting you all-important gold. Gold is important to help drive the growth of your empire. It’s used to help you unlock and upgrade your heroes. The stronger your team (in quantity and individual power), the farther you’ll be able to venture in order to find new creatures and new shops to unlock.

Overall there are 20 different heroes to unlock which will help you unlock 25 different fantasy food shops. If battling is more your thing there are over 300 levels of turn-based play which will have you taking on 25 individual bosses. There is a lot to sink your teeth into in Match Land, which is sure to delight the whole family when it launches last week.

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