Maggie’s Movies Offers a ‘Delicious’ Taste of Hollywood on February 14

It’s hard to believe that the Delicious series has been around for over ten years. Emily’s adventures have taken us through weddings and honeymoons, gardens and beaches, and just about every kind of restaurant imaginable. Similar games have provided even more variety, letting us play doctor in Heart’s Medicine and fashionista in the Fabulous Angela titles. Now, with the upcoming Maggie’s Movies release, that same successful formula is heading to the big screen.

Maggie practically grew up in her grandfather’s theater, sitting at his side watching every movie they could get their hands on. Her love for cinema persisted through adulthood, which is why she left to work in a film studio making the very things she loved so dearly. The movie industry isn’t all glamour and glory, however. Maggie finds dealing with persnickety directors and penny pinching corporate types makes the business of movie making less than tasteful. She’s persistent, however, and her love of film runs so deep she’ll do whatever it takes to keep the dream alive.

While not directly related, Maggie’s Movies has the soul of a Delicious series game. Levels are built around a time management formula of serving customers the items they request as quickly as possible. Instead of restaurant patrons hungry for soup, Maggie brings props, costumes, makeup and scripts to the actors backstage, collecting money afterwards and using it to upgrade furnishings and provide better materials for sale. It’s a race against the clock and a fight for more points as you chain actions to make combos and keep an eye on the optional goals meter at the top of the screen.

One of the new features in Maggie’s Movies is the ability to shoot film scenes. On-stage actors call for certain items, then the director chooses a camera location. Set the rig to the right spot, toggle the lights, then step back and let the movie magic happen. Just like finding the mouse or completing side goals, filming the movie scenes is a fun but totally optional extra.

Story is always a strong feature in games like this, and Maggie’s Movies follows the same path of providing cutscenes before and after each level, illustrating Maggie’s struggle to get ahead in the industry while keeping ties with her grandfather back home. It’s lighthearted but not without its poignant moments, just enough to keep you wondering what will happen after the next stage.

Maggie’s Movies is set to include all the trappings you would expect from a modern time management experience, complete with the needed twist to make it a unique experience. The game takes place across 60 levels divided into six themed sections, each corresponding to our star’s progressively more intense adventure. Maggie’s Movies is set to release on February 14, so clear your calendar and get ready to make some magic. And be sure to follow Maggie’s Movies on Facebook while you wait for the big day to arrive.

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