Low-Poly RPG Phoenix Dawn Trying for Final Kickstarter Push

By Carter Dotson |

Phoenix Dawn, not to be confused with the Final Fantasy healing item, is a Kickstarter project entering its final days that should be of particular note to mobile gaming fans in search of a solid RPG.

Created by Chicago-based Apixal, the label for solo developer Eric Trowbridge, this is an isometric RPG that takes cues from Diablo, but also games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, with elements of random generation to create unique experiences for each playthrough.

The game has players controlling a witch named Phoenix through a mysterious world that she must protect by learning a variety of spells. It’s possible to use experience points earned through playing on either upgrading spells or combining spells through ‘spell alchemy’ to create new ones. The world is designed around a low-polygon 3D art style, which Trowbridge claims will allow for improved lighting and particle effects.

The good news for mobile fans is that the game is targeted for iOS, with desktop versions on the way too. And it’s not just a game that will be ported to iOS later on after being made for desktop interfaces. Touchscreen controls, interface, and even technology like Metal is being considered at this stage in development.


If the project hits $50,000, then the game will come to Android, Ouya, and Windows Mobile, but with the project at just over $20,000 towards its $33,000 goal, it’s not quite particularly likely (barring a last second miracle).

The project ends on Sunday, September 28th, with an estimated release date of June 2015. Be sure to check it out on Kickstarter before your pledge window closes.

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