‘Love You to Bits’ Might Be Tiny Thief in Space

If you were looking for an imaginative, original puzzle adventure in the summer of 2013, there’s a good chance you found exactly what you were looking for in Tiny Thief. Since it’s release, though, developer 5Ants has remained suspiciously quiet, releasing only a soccer management simulator in the months since.

Today that changes. Sort of.


While 5Ants isn’t directly attached to the newly announced Love You to Bits, members of Tiny Thief’s creative and programming teams are. The game is a co-production between Alike Studio and Pat.io (two new studios based in Barcelona), and it looks very much like a sci-fi successor to what made Tiny Thief so great.

Instead of exploring a Middle Ages world, you’ll be hopping from planet to planet as you try to collect the now-scattered pieces of your robot girlfriend.


As big fans of Tiny Thief, we have high hopes for this one. Expect Love You to Bits (hopefully) in the first half of 2015 with an iOS debut, Android (and desktops) to follow.

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