Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower Preview

By Erin Bell |

Official website launches

Imagine a world where time didn’t matter. That’s the premise of Lost in Time: The Clockwork Tower, an upcoming hidden object adventure from Namco Networks and Spark Plug Games. A teaser trailer on the game’s newly-launched official website shows an apple slowly shrivelling up and going rotten with age, then someone picks it up and takes a bite and the apple suddenly becomes fresh and juicy again.

You can head over to the site to preorder the game and check out some screenshots and downloadable desktop wallpapers – but you’ll have to solve a little hidden object challenge before you can access these goodies.

 The Clockwork Tower

We hope to have more to tell you about Lost in Time soon, so if you’d like to be notified when we post more information be sure to sign up for an alert.

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